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Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
coffee and tea. √°peesi√° ii brewingga new morning pick-me-up that's energy drinkk what's innit that makes it a cut above the rest. 3 3 morrnnggpick mm up and don't like coffee or tea tthre's another oppion o chose from.. 3 pepsi has a new breakfasstdrink to perk you up. it's cclled "kick startt aaddit'll be on sheeves made f mountain dew, juice, vitamins b and c and a jolt of caffeine. bbt unlike any other drink.... pepsi's not calllig "kick start" an - energy drink. 3 - react to story 3 - adlib toss to vytaa... &pcould ou uue n extta hunddee dollaas?it's all part of our "ffeeeruary" contest on fox45 -3 morning nnws.we'reedrawing a 100-ddllar winner every hour.. duriig fox45 morning enter o to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore and click watch fox45 orring news & sttrting at 5 aam to see if pouure a winner. & p33 tax breeks to take advvntage at 5:30...whayyyyu can purchase and avoid mmryland's 6- percent saaes tax. 3 there's new evidence of a &&ppossible link betwwen home life and a form of attentton deficii disorder. 3& researcherss a he & indiana university of med
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
, clean, renewable -3 energy.""climate change s real."gooernoo o'maaley tells members of a enate committee...offshore ccucial toward bbossing... renewable eneegg goals..(governor) and every megawatt hour of wind that we &pgenerate here n maryland is a megawatt hour we do not generaae from imported fossil turbinns...aae up and running...utility ratepayers...will have to shell average off1.50 p onth...forrat least...20 &pyears. (pipkin) "wwo's goingg po pay to et it rom out in the ocean onno the oaatline all of us are gging to do - thatt.((yddll) ""enatt president mmke miller ctually --3 aatended ttday's rally n behalf of ind power and he's &pmambers of the finance committee hearing the bill - which virtually guarannees 3 the full the state house, john rydell, fox45 newss at ive." christians around wwrld are attending hurchhto mark ashhwednesday. wednesday. 3 nats---here in baltimore... a mid-day mass was held aa st. 3wednesddy marks the beginniig of lent...40 days of prayer and sscrrfice....leadinggup to easter.archbishop williammlori -3&patteeded the seevvcc ..
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2